how we work

  1. Through Mediabridge registered journalists & media post their pitches and reach out to other members to collaborate or to simply sell their stories.
  2. A global editorial team with regional specialists vets story pitches and provides tailored editorial guidance, including fact-checking.
  3. Registered local and regional media outlets also gain access to calls for collaboration by other local and global outlets who want to partner with trusted, specialised media on the ground.


who is mediabridge

Are you a media outlet or a vetted freelancer with a strong public interest story of global importance?

Are you a global newsroom looking for specialised field reporting from media on the ground?

Mediabridge will link you up.

We offer bespoke facilitation between media in different areas with associated capacity building where necessary. 

In tandem, Mediabridge creates calls for stories and small grants where possible that provide independent media with resource to report in-depth stories.

We foster a community of media collaborators through workshops where media of different sizes and interests can meet, understand each other’s needs, create stories, and gain new skills in multi-format, public interest journalism.


Work with vetted professionals
to gain access to hard-to-reach
areas, benefit from regional
expertise and craft compelling

on Ground

Find reliable partners to increase
your resources, scale your
investigations and reach
wider audiences.

Our collaboration with the exiled Iranian media, like Zamaneh opened up a world that would have been inaccessible to us otherwise.

Jakob Moll

co-founder Zetland


We would love to hear from you so that we can connect you with other newsrooms or specialists who can support your work. 

We can help you reach journalists in some of the most under reported areas in the world – through our vetted and trusted news media network globally 

We have a proven track record connecting media on supply chain and cross border journalism

We can put you in touch with some of the best reporters to work with you 

We can post the story idea on this site and disseminate it across our  networks

Specific assignments or investigations requiring multiple reporters in complex situations can be coordinated by our team

Reach out to us and we can explore ways to connect you with current assignments

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