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Russian Propaganda and Public Perceptions About Ukraine

This series explores popular perceptions of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in countries where pro-Russian news channels and social media messaging dominate the information ecosystem. Help us find media on the ground. Pitch your stories ideas via Mediabridge. This series is led by Coda Story and the Regional Press Development Institute (Ukraine) and supported by International Media Support.


We invite media across the globe to help us unearth the following questions:

  • How are the news events, and historical context of the conflict understood in these countries?
  • What are the main methods that pro-Russian news and tech actors use to create these perceptions?
  • What is the impact in the countries of coverage, and on the conflict in Ukraine?


What we offer media on the ground

  • Training and support to report the stories -reporting technology stories, data visualisation; detecting disinformation
  • Commissioning fees from global editors and and funds from IMS country programs
  • Global media partners who will publish the content and help you reach diverse audiences


What we offer global newsrooms

  • Access to local reporters with intimate knowledge
  • A global series with local connections
  • Funding support for reporters on the ground

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