Code of Conduct

When using Mediabridge for pitching or acquiring a story you agree to the following:

Research and documentation.

A.) The party that brings the story to Mediabridge (Partner A) has exclusivity to the project material, and potential partners (Partner B) is only allowed to make it known to other parties upon prior permission from Partner A.

  • If it is a co production both partners will tell the other partner when they intend to publish the
    story and get that time confirmed by the other pasrtner
  • Within this agreement Partner B will have access to Partner A’s research material, including photos and video- recordings as it becomes available and when it is cleared for sharing by Partner A.
  •  Partner A may not pitch the investigation/story to other media when sending the story to Mediabridge up to a Month after the storypitch has been uploaded to Media Bridge Platform.
  • Partner A may have made both desk- and field research and will provide access to sources, contract and documents to Partner B. The parties must agree on when sources are allowed to be contacted, and how and when the sources are allowed to be informed of the documentation and the other materials which the investigation is based on. If there is any disagreement Partner A will have the final say.

Editorial Content (articles and investigations) – crediting

Partner A will decide the precise/exact publication date for publication of the Partner A investigation, and only hereafter will Partner B be allowed to publish their content based on this agreement.

If Partner B makes graphics for illustrations, video or articles, Partner A is allowed to use them with crediting to Partner B.

In connection with Partner B’s production of editorial content/documentary under this agreement, Partner Ashall, in all content formats, be clearly credited, unless otherwise agreed. This also applies to any follow-up articles or editorial content based on this agreement.

Ethical terms:

All parties subscribe to national and international rules and principles for sound press ethics and practices, including the International Federation of Journalists’ Declaration of Principles on the Conduct of Journalists (international).

All parties agree to be honest and fair in its gathering, interpretation and sharing of information.

All parties investigate the accuracy of information from all sources and takes precautions to avoid unintentional mistakes. Deliberate misleading is unacceptable.

If children are shown authorisation from the children’s parents or authorisation from another adult family member should be obtained.

All parties agree to maintain absolute confidentiality with regard to the information gained and shared through Mediabridge.

All parties agree only to publish after mutual agreement.

The party that brings a story to Mediabridge returns to be the sole owner of the story if the other party/parties decides not to publish the story.

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